Road trip to the EVO triangle

This is going to be a bonanza of a trip. 7 buddies, 7 cars, and 1 mission. To drive the EVO triangle.

Destination: Evo Triangle (Wales)
18 miles a lap. 220 miles from London.

Date: 13th/14th Sept (Thur/Fri)


Maybe's: Waiting confirmation: Accommodations: Oriel Country Hotel
Tel: 01745 582716

Itinerary for the trip
Day 1
  • Drive to EVO ring for about 12.
  • Meeting those coming from London at Rugby (M6 Jct1) at 10:30, to drive together.
  • Do a few laps of the ring, stop off at a pub somewhere for late lunch/early dinner.
  • 3/4pm Drive to Oriel Country Hotel to freshen up Spa, drinks etc.
Day 2
  • Breakfast at Hotel.
  • Check out at 10.30.
  • Drive back to 'ring for a few laps.
  • Lunch at pub nearby or one on the way back
  • 3pm Start driving home

Day 1 Meeting point (M6 Junction 1) @ 10:30 am

The fun all begins from your right foot.