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Pre-07 Audi S3

My present drive since 2003, and probably for the foreseable future.

Quattro Haldex 4wd diverts power to the wheel with most grip. Electronic stability, and brake distribution controls the yaw of the car. Not entirely sure what it all means, but it's certainly got me out of "...oh #$#$! I'm going to fast for this bend" a couple of times.

Relaxing to drive, especially if you're feeling lazy and just want to pootle around in 6th. Not as sharp and flickable as the mr2, but feels so planted, so solid, so German.


  • Eibach Pro-kit: Lowers car by 25mm. Makes the for easier direction changes, plus gives it sleaker looks.
  • QST adjustable rear bars: Allows rear camber to be adjusted for optimum handling.
  • Supersprint stainless steel street system: Enhances engine note.
  • Backdraft Big Turbo conversion Together with a large front mount intercooler, boosts power to 330 bhp.... Oh yeah baby.
Backdraft Rolling road session - Click play to watch

99 Yamaha R6

Light, pin sharp and breathtakingly fast. Most mental machine I've ever driven. Done a few trackdays on it including, Cadwell, Donnington, Snetterton and Rockingham. Riding the R6 has improved my riding, but the capabilities of the bike are far beyond mine..

  • 0 - 60 mph: God knows. Just darn quick
  • 0 - 100 mph : 7.7 sec (claimed). If you can hold on.
  • Top speed: 160 mph (claimed). Of course I've never exceeded 70 mph on the road.

MR2 Roadster

With its combination of lightweight (975 kg), quick steering, mid-engined, rear drive chassis, this car just about out-handles anything through the twisties. Rev happy Variable Valve Timing engine gives a distinctive raspy note through the twin Magnex stainless exhausts.


  • TTE lowering kit: Lowered by 30mm for even cooler looks and speed bump blues.
  • Magnex stainless steel twin exit exhaust: Sounds great.
  • Sound deadened doors + upgraded speakers: Brilliant acoustics even when roof is down.
  • Sony 400w amplifier: Nice....

Civic Type R

My gf's lovely daily ride, and she adores it. It's got a screamer engine, which makes you want to hear the VTEC at every opportunity. Completely standard, and perfect the way it is.