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Hello World

I shall try to introduce myself while attempting in vain to keep you awake. I'm really not trying to kid myself that anyone will actually read further than this sentence. But for those that care or are interested then here goes.

My name is Glen, and I am a British Born Chinese (BBC), born year of the Horse. My home is a sleepy town called Cromer along the coast of Norfolk. Though since doing my A-Levels, I've been around and about. My best student days were spent studying at Imperial College (London) for a geeky computing degree where their were, yep, zero girls.... Incredibly I didn't turn gay, despite conflicting beliefs from friends. I went on to work in Cambridge for 6 years. More recently I've been trying my luck working abroad in Hong Kong.... you know "broaden my horizons" and all that.

My main hobby is Wing Chun (a form of chinese kung fu), which I started practicing at 14. Other hobbies include swimming and recently tennis, though I can merely say I "try" to play tennis.

I have a passion for cars, like most dreamer males. Though mine is probably fuelled from a young age by my older sister who is equally, if not more passionate than I am with cars and bikes. I also ride a motorbike, but these days mostly as a commuter to work. Click here to see some of my motors

I'm also a martial arts movie fanatic. My all time favourite actor is the incredibly stylish and amazing kicker Donnie Yenn. I love Jackie Chan too of course.

I have a couple of sisters, an older and younger - probably explains the way I've turned out. My older sister (Pui Lee) studied at Oxford, and is Head of Finance for Bennetts Insurance. Though these days she spends most of her life looking after her baby son. My younger sister (also called Pui) graduated from Nottingham Law School, and now works as a Trainee Solicitor for a law firm in Nottingham. She also dabbled in a touch of modelling along the way.

My parents are both happily retired and enjoying life as grandparents now, courtesy of my older sister. Before their retirement they worked solidly for almost 30 years running their restaurant business (Le Moon) in Cromer. Their retirement and eventual handing over of management was significant and emotional news to the Cromer community. An article was published by the local newspaper to commiserate the closing of Le Moon (as everyone remembers it).