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Interesting Videos

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Knee grinding

Finally lost my knee down cherry in 2002 on my trusty Black ZXR 400

Cadwell Park 2003

Trackday on my R6, with my sister.

My sister leads the way on her white R6.

Jason's Lucky Escape

Jason missing both large signs, and entering a roundabout at 70Mph.
He did well to save the bike (and himself).
You're crazy man!

Quote of the day by Jason (2:54):
"That was lucky wasn't it"

Big turbo S3 dyno run

My car going for a power run on a dyno after having it's Big turbo conversion

Ben's stag in Prague

The sun was shining, the drinks were cheap and plentiful. What a memorable trip lads.

Hope you enjoyed it Ben.

2012 car cruise video

2012 Car Cruise in Southern Europe

Car cruise with some buddies driving Porsches and Audi TTS

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2012 drive by video

2012 Drive by clip in Europe

1989 Porsche 911 Targa, Porsche Boxster S, Audi TTS, and Lotus Elise driving by.

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Michal kicking ass

Michal Suszycki kickboxing

My mate Michal beating the sh*t out of a punchbag

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